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Hello folks,

Just wanted to say hi !

I recived my organelle m yesterday and allready explored some patches including orac 2.0😍
I decided to buy it instead of other hardwaresynths and i allready love it.
I was allways looking for a synth that can fit my needs and tried lots of them but never got excited with them i think i am getting bored too fast by all the synths i’ve preowned
But now i think i’ve found a tool that can fit my needs.
Portable, flexible, and nearly everything i need in one box
The only thing i miss on it is a classic drumcomputer with a gridbased sequencer and at least 4 voices (like jomox xbase 09 for example) but i have other drumcomputers for that use.
Looking forward to explore new patches and maybe start programming some by the time in pd
My music style is experimental/acid/techno


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Welcome @Mylo !

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