Patch Request: Pladask Elektrisk Form2

Hey all,

First time posting here, so thank you all for the forum contributions it’s been really dang helpful. Came across today’s Knobs post on the Form2 and was wondering if there was anything similar (besides clds).

Even better yet, if someone would be so kind as to clone it (esp for orac)!

Here is the pdf documentation for anyone interested in this fun box that can only be built at workshops in Norway. The product that is for sale is their FABRIKAT (awaiting new batches)

  • Kai

just saw the knobs review of the form2 pedal ond youtube and instantly was thinking of transferring these patches to the organelle.

would be awesome if someone is capable of doing so.

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Really would be a cool project. Definitely out of my capabilities though.

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Looks pretty deep, i think the upcoming overloop quantised (hopefully not too difficult to convert for orac), plus clds, plus reverb and whatever else you might want - might create similar results. A vibrato module would be good to add for orac - like a ‘lofi loop junky’ type sound.
edit: DOH! We already have it - DUST