Getting a error with wifi.txt


when I select Wifi from the menu I now get this message

'Error with wifi.txt

Please check file is in the correct format’

I’ve spent the last few hours hitting Google but I had to admit defeat and start a new thread, any help would be much appreciated.

Images of my boot folder attached if that helps?



The SD card has several partitions, and the wifi.txt should live on the partition with the Patches folder. Annoyingly the filesystem used on this partition is not readable on a Mac and won’t show up. The boot partition is just low level stuff that you shouldn’t need to mess with.

Anyway, the best way to configure the WiFi is to first start in AP mode, start the web server, and then you can just enter a network and password for future use. You no longer have to edit wifi.txt manually. The process is detailed here:

@oweno thanks for the reply. I was just about to post a reply. I got it working by using a usb and adding a file that way. Very new to the organelle :slight_smile: but thanks for your help.