Problems with AP mode on Organelle M WIFI set up

Hello I’m new to the Organelle M and I’m struggling to get it connect to WIFI. In fact I can’t get my Mac to find it.

I have the WIFI dongle connected. I’m then selecting Settings > WIFI Setup > Start AP > It then displays connected AP mode but I am unable to detect it on any device.

Any advice appreciated.




Just to be sure, you’ve connected the USB-WiFi adapter to the Organelle M’s USB port, correct? And then you can’t find the Organelle network in your computer’s WiFi networks list?

Hi Chris,

That’s correct. It’s connected correctly (tried both USB ports) then followed the steps as detailed above, but not finding it on my MacBook.



Thanks for clarification. Can you see the network on a different device like your phone?

No I’ve tried on my iOS phone (which connects to other networks) and my Powermac desktop. All scan and connect to other APs but not the Organelle.

Thanks. Are you the original owner of the Organelle M? If not, the previous owner may have renamed the AP network and changed password.

Yes I’m the original owner, it’s brand new purchased under a month ago from Elevator Sound,Bristol, UK.


Is there any further support that you can offer me for this issue as it is still an ongoing problem.



Sorry for the delay. Please contact us directly. Our email is listed here.