WiFi Setup not displaying on Organelle AP homepage

Hi all, I’ve searched for this but despite lots of “WiFi issues” threads I couldn’t find this exact case.

Had my Organelle (running 3.1) for a couple of years so I’m a bit ashamed to say this is the fist time I’ve tried to get under the hood and link it to my computer, but sadly that is the case.

Anyway, followed the manual instructions and got as far as linking my Macbook to AP so in that sense I could do a lot of what I needed. However while the manual tells me the landing page should look like this (with buttons for “Patch manager,” “Info,” and “WiFi setup”)…

What I actually see is this, which seems to rule out connecting my Organelle to WiFi.

I’m sure this is something totally basic/obvious, but what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

To get the newer web interface you will have to update to OS 4.0. There are instructions in section 7.1 of the manual for doing this. If you are using the Organelle 1, first check that it has an 8GB SD (I think some older units shipped with a 4GB).

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Thanks very much! Will give this a try at the weekend when I have a bit of time!