Getting into ETC_Mother via Mac

Relatively new to programming in general, but the ETC has been a wonderful segue into learning Pygame! Since I’ve reached the point of wanting to create custom Modes, I’m wondering if there is a clear/concise way to edit the code in ETC_Mother (using Mac), specifically doing things like limiting the background to a couple colors, limiting the color picker knob parameters (only giving 2-3 colors as options), etcetera.

I’d really like to get in there to open up the MIDI channels a bit as well. It’s my (rough) understanding that ETC only reads MIDI CC 21-24, but I’d like to get it to read other messages if possible. Reason being: I’d like to be able to switch to SPECIFIC modes that are mapped to certain MIDI CC messages (not simply cycling through). Is there a way to play with these parameters in ETC_Mother? Or is the foot switch/sustain application a better option here? Many Thanks!


I’ve done a lot of this (for example use of all MIDI CC’s, changed the background colour behaviour). I think I have alread posted some of these changes here in the forum. Example:

(you may check my postings, but I am not sure, what the forum software is offering). If you are patient for a few days I may put my versions on my website.

Editing the various *.py files in ETC_Mother is the easiest via SSH using vi. But the danger is, that you corrupt one of the files that much, that the system won’t start up successfully. So you always should have a backup of the whole sd-card image.

Also I already had run the ETC software on my Macbook with 10.13.6 an on an older Macbook with 10.6.3. The audio reactive part did not not work (but I did not try hard). The graphics stuff worked like charm.

I found two programs to be very useful:
“extFS for Mac” by paragon software mounts the extFS SD card on your Mac. Assumingly you even may run the ETC software from there (I’ve never tried it).
“balena Etcher” dumps images to SD-Card. You can do this also using the unix comand ‘dd’, but Etcher is quite easy to handle.


This is incredibly helpful, it seems I’ve overlooked there being a small SD card that is flush with the main hardware. I’ll create a backup of this sd card image before changing anything, luckily there also seems to be backups of the OG ETC_Mother on Github so any others that are also new to this have an easier time making mistakes :slight_smile:

Also, would love to see your versions here as I’m sure many others would as well!