ETC Midi Channel Issue

Hi Everyone,

Just purchased a used ETC and I’m having trouble changing it’s midi channel from ch 1. There was no text file at the top of the file structure when I put the USB in my computer, so I created one and wrote 10 inside. But when I boot it up, it still says it’s on channel 1.

Any thoughts? Thanks for the help! Really looking forward to connecting this to my Digitakt.

Update: The problem was that I copied and pasted the file name from the manual when I created the .txt file on my USB. The “.txt” in the file name is redundant and caused the ETC to not read it. My file should have been named simply “MIDI-Channel”

This fixed the issue.

You might also have file extensions turned off in the Windows file browser, so if you were to name a file MIDI-Channel.txt, it would actually be MIDI-Channel.txt.txt.

Not only he “might”. He has turned of the display off the file extensions. You can see it at the Scenes.csv, which is displayed only as “Scenes”

Do you have an example of this MIDI txt file? I can’t find an example anywhere and mine seems to be missing from my USB also.

Find it attached as ZIP-File (the forum does not allow the upload of .txt files.) (177 Bytes)