Graphics Queries

I am using the Graphics Demo patch to help me make a GUI for a synth but got a few queries:

  1. How would I keep the VU meters on as the screen updates?
  2. How would I invert only part of the screen? (similar to when patch browsing)

@oweno (or anyone else) - any suggestions?

Here’s the patch:

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there is a /oled/gInvertArea call
gShowInfoBar determines if bar is shown, but you obviously need to ensure you don’t keep overwriting it :wink:

I cant remember if gClear clears it or now, as i never clear the entire screen, instead i use gFillArea to blank out sections i want cleared… i try to keep the number of osc calls to a minimum… as it can get expensive if your not careful.

gFillArea! If course, use that to blank out all but the VU meters, thanks.