List of OSC available inputs

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i just realized by working on scripts that the OLED screen has layouts using /oled/setscreen 1 (from 1 to 3 ?), this is a very useful thing to know for patching…

is there a list of what can be sent to [s oscOut] please ? thanks

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Near as I can tell this is pretty much a UTSL type situation:

I hope this helps!


This is very useful, thanks! :pray:t2:

setscreen you need to becareful with … these screens have a defined use.
basically they are assigned to the main menu, patch and aux scripts.
this is so you can do things like return to the main menu, and but your patch screen is ‘unaffected’ by the operation (i.e. does not need to redraw)

so you should not really touch it in a patch, as it will likely have side effects :wink:

(also i cannot really think of a situation where this is useful for a patch, as its about how other things interoperate )

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EDIT : thanks @thetechnobear , i made some tests about these screen layouts and it looks like there are 4 in total : #1 for auxscreens/scripts, #2 for the menu, #3 for patches and #4 but i don’t know what it’s made for, maybe #2 and #3 can be for menus and #4 for some complex patches, in Orac the #4 looks like available, can’t we consider it for patching…? I would like to use layouts for modules with graphics to pop-up informations/messages without having to clear and redraw or having to change page… :v:

Yes, but that would have exactly the issue I described … it would interfere with either the menu or the aux screen.

There are only 3 buffers.

It would be easy enough to add some extra patch buffers to motherHost , and perhaps with some useful functions eg copying between buffers.
That would then not cause issues with menus etc.

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Oops sorry i edited my message while you were writing :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

You are right it more looks like there are 3 buffers, i’m sorry it was confusing because it does a loop after #3 (it works but points to another buffer). i’ll forget about this for now. thanks for the infos!