Hdmi Monitor Screen recommendations?

I’m thinking 3 or 4 hdmi inputs, preferably portable and inexpensive. But any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks!

I don’t know about portable / inexpensive that would also have multiple inputs. but there are some cool looking HDMI displays here, although I haven’t tried them:


including a few that are 1080:


or this


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I use this one for my ETC preview monitor:

It is portable and inexpensive, but only has 1 input. They do sell cheap HDMI switchers and splitters.

I find it helpful to not have to look up at the projection screen all the time when performing. It also makes it easier to set up for performance, as it can be hard to set up with a great view of the screen sometimes. I have it velcro’d to a small pedalboard next to the ETC and a small HDMI splitter.