HDMI splitter for two screens?

Hello, I’m a complete newbie to video. My band just purchased an ETC for our upcoming live shows.

one band member will be tweaking the ETC live and it would be ideal for him to have a small screen in front of him on the table so he knows what is being projected behind us all without having to look over his shoulder all night :slight_smile:

we have yet to purchase the projector, a small portable one for touring is ideal.

any insights / help is much appreciated.

Hdmi splitters are cheap. Get one the splits into 4 so you can hook into tvs at the venue too. All ya need is 720p so don’t waste money on anything super hi Def. Does the band use midi at all?? The midi out of a keyboard will send the etc midi note data.

thank you willisrock!

yes, the ETC will receive midi from a Deluge :slight_smile:

I just Googled your deluge… Holy shit. That thing is sick. Use that to control the etc!!!

Just as comment: Be aware, that the usual home cinema projectors are usually not powerful enough to create a background picture, that is really visible with some stage lighting on the band.

Home cinema beamers rely on a really dark environment. I recently bought a used business beamer like it is used for team meetings in an office (an acer with 4000 Lumen), and I found it to be the minimum.

You may check the second video in:
You can see that there is not much lighting on the musicians, but still the backscreen projection is some kind of pale.

yep :slight_smile: The Deluge has been a game changer for us.

thank you fanwander, that is great info.

nice video BTW! and music :slight_smile: