Help with Metronome/beat patch over input source


was hoping i might be able to get a little help or direction with a metronome patch.

i use my organelle exclusively at the end of my guitar chain for processing. lately ive been wanting to use it to as a practice tool too, but all of the patches ive tried that are beat keeping/metronome specific always mute the input source, Does anyone know of a metronome/beat keeping patch that plays the click and still processes a clean input sound? I would like to be able to have both the click and guitar to be output simultaneously, Anyone else using the organelle as a practice tool like this?

You could use grids prowave on patch storage as a very deluxe metronome and effects patch

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In this thread Owen outlines a super simple edit that can be applied to virtually any patch to allow the input to pass through “clean”. I don’t know a whole lot about pd but so far adding this little chunk into patches like polybeats, metronome, basic poly etc has worked for my devices.

That being said I have noticed some slight changes in the signal depending on the patch, especially when used in an effects chain.

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