Advice needed: storing patch settings

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I am new here and also pretty much a newbie to the Organelle. so please forgive me if this is a stupid question:

i was using the Organelle first time in my live setup a few days ago and I encountered the problem, that the patches don’t store the knob positions. so for example if i set the tempo of the arpeggiator sampler to the speed i need it will not remember this setting, but use the actual position of knob as the tempo setting next time i activate the patch. is it meant to be like this? this would make the Organelle a bit difficult to use in live situations.

or maybe I just do something wrong with storing the patch-settings?

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at the top, there is a save button. this will save knob positions. “save new” will make a new patch with the knob positions

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If there are [loadbang]s in the patch though these will take priority over the saved knob positions I believe. Also, I don’t think the save or save new works for other pages on multi page patches [EDIT - I STAND CORRECTED, THEY DO!]

@ghostly606 Save & Save New do save the knob settings on all pages of a multipage patch.

Good to know, my mistake. Thanks @chrisk!

hello black apple

thank you, your answers sounds very simple, but unfortunately i do not have a save button anywhere. do you mean “on top” of the menu? there i have “eject”, “reload”, “info” and “shutdown”.

do i maybe have to update my firmware?

Follow links and instructions here. Update to OS 2.1 first, then OS 3