Hi / Etch-A-Sketch Synth

Hi all,

First of all I want to say hello! So here goes. Hello :grin:
I consider myself a complete Pure Data newb, but was very intrigued by the possibilities of the Organelle and so “forced” myself digging in.
Now one week of reading fora, building stuff, messing up, copying patches, I received my Organelle.

From the start I had this idea of a “drawing waveforms synth”. So I tried to make one. And I think it came out pretty wel I guess…
There are a couple of versions in draft (with/without sequencer, full env control, with filters, etc), but for now I’m sharing the most stable with you guys.

This is what it does:
Knob 1 and 2 control 19 points in an array, on the X-asis and Y-axis. Which becomes the waveform for your voice.
Knob 3 let’s you choose between 12 different envelope shapes (from short attacks to long releases to long attacks and back)
Knob 4 controls your octave range

Again, I’m just a pd-newbie, so it’s quite rudimentary. If any of you guys have any tips on the code, I’d love to hear them :smiley:

An older version in a short clip here:

Thanks to all the people from who I ‘borrowed’ some code and to C&G for this awesome instrument (oh, and for the Organelle sequencer, which is awesome :slight_smile: )


Have fun,



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Nice. Like a lot and will use this patch.

I couldn’t get octaves knob to work properly (either 2 down or around 2 up). But I am on still on desktop version at the mo so if it works for you it works!

Thanks!! Very much appreciated!
Octave knob was intended to have 5 octave range, I noticed (for my workflow, that is) that less is more. I thought it’s better controllable this way on the Organelle.

This is deadly!

Did you also post that Wavetable synth on your Instagram? It’s awesome.

so cool! thanks for doing this! I too am a newb, it seems straightforward but I really suck at math so its a struggle… but this gives me hope!