Hidden process taking 5~10% of CPU

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when i turn on my Organelle M and launch Orac i can see my empty module with CPU usage (no module loaded in the whole rack) and there are 2 possibilities :

1 : the CPU is below 10% i believe this is normal

2 : CPU is between 10 and 20% and i can’t find why

I think it’s related to USB hardware connected to the Organelle at startup, because i don’t have this issue when booting without any USB port connected (once it’s at this 10-20% idle state then there’s nothing else to do but reboot to solve), i made some tests to see if that’s because of the GUI/HDMI/USB/power and didn’t have clear results, so i wanted to point it out here so maybe someone knows what it can be… am i the only one experiencing this ? (the only devices i connect to USB are the wifi dongle and a wired mouse/keyboard combo). :v:

edit : the “top” command from the terminal shows the pd process taking 15% instead of less than 10%… so is it Pure Data / Orac that takes 5~10% more CPU when the Organelle is turned on with only my keyboard/mouse combo connected…? or is the CPU downclocked when using USB for energy management or something like…?

It is good you are making the measurement with the top command. The CPU usage in the Info menu is not really accurate, and should be ignored (this is getting fixed in the OS update that we are wrapping up). The ‘htop’ command is also useful.

So Pd is taking 5% more when keyboard and mouse are attached? What exactly is the test procedure? Do you have monitor attached, or connecting over SSH / WiFi?

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thanks! i didn’t use the info menu but the official pd object [cputime] that i put into the empty module of Orac, but anyway i have seen the difference also with the top command…

Here’s my process :

#1 i turn on the organelle without anything connected, launch Orac, have immediate access to CPU usage thru my empty module = CPU is 5~10% (then i can connect anything, the CPU will stay low)

#2 i turn on the Organelle with my wired mouse/keyboard combo connected only, launch Orac, have the same access to CPU usage = 10~20% (then i can disconnect and reconnect anything, the CPU will stay high)

maybe my keyboard device is faulty…?

edit : this is the empty module with CPU monitoring i’m talking about : https://patchstorage.com/empty/

OK, that is great to know. The [cputime] module sounds like a good approach.

I can confirm a similar CPU increase when I have things plugged into USB. Booting up with nothing connected to either USB, I see average of 5% less CPU usage than booting up with keyboard and mouse attached. I’ve been thinking something is funny with the USB ports, I’ve been noticing audio dropouts randomly when I have HDMI and USB stuff connected.

It is strange that the Pd process itself would be taking more CPU time when a keyboard and mouse are attached… I will have to do some more investigation.

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that’s good to know you can confirm, i would like to check the CPU and/or bus frequencies in both situations but i don’t know how to do it… i think it can look like an hardware energy management issue, but all processes would take those 5~10% more, i can’t easily tell yet.