Orac & CPU Usage

I’ve realised that i run in hi cpu usage many times
The organelle starts to crack the audi signal while using orac or other patches

In orac i run paralell
No modulators
No pre no post
A1 Monocle
A2 delay
A3 reverberation
B1 macro
B2 r_delay
B3 chorus
C1 delay 2
C2 platereverb
C3 distortion

C is my audioinput i run a tb 303 thru it
a circuit rhyth is triggering a1 and b1 with sequences over midi with the midi in jack
And hooked up a akai midimix over usb for controlling all of my parameters
My organelle starts cracking all the time
Cpu usage is jumps around 75-93…
Is there a way to keep the cpu usage down?

I have no wifi dongle on my organelle while playing

  • I ve found some files on my organelle where i don’t know what they are

Can i delete some of the files ?
Are they causing some issues ?
Just wondering how people can use the organelle 1 with orac and all modules filled up without causing audio issues
Or should i delete unused patches?

Having those files and other patches installed shouldn’t effect the CPU performance.

In general with ORAC there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to fill up all slots before maxing out the CPU, some modules will need more CPU than others.
Plateverb in particular is pretty intensive, you could try swapping out a different reverb, or just having one reverb module and running multiple instruments through it.

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I second trying to route the same instruments through one reverb/delay/etc. You do the same thing with DAWs to save processing power