It has life of it's own

My organelle 1 is sometimes not very disciplined.
I wonder if it’s a CPU problem,
because when using orac it’s even worse, once it was so bad I couldn’t get to the menu in order to shut down so I had to just plug it out.

Depending on your Orac settings, you can overwhelm the CPU which would cause the Organelle to ‘hang.’

There are many posts about this elsewhere in this forum - basically Orac will give all it can give until it can’t (or said another way: take all that it can take from the Organelle hardware) . There’s no way for the Organelle to predict what loading a given module will do to CPU usage. We like to keep the maximum CPU usage to 75% (which leaves some room for usage spikes so the Organelle doesn’t get locked up). You can see your current CPU usage on the Info page. If you’ve got a nice Orac patch going, you can check the CPU monitor and see if there’s any available CPU ‘room’ left for additional Orac modules.

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