How to edit DJ Patch?

I perform playing synth/piano and use the Organelle mostly to trigger pads and drum loops to play with and manipulate. I needed a patch that would let me load loopable WAVs and then bring them in and out with the switch pedal and DJ Patch checked all those boxes beautifully. And it works great except the pedal input is extremely sensitive and it’s way too easy for me to press it which starts the loop on the down-press but then accidentally stop it again on release. So often I’m pressing the foot pedal to start a loop and instead I both start and then immediately stop it when I lift my foot. Like the Organelle reads that as two presses of the play button.

Is it possible for me to edit this patch to add some kind of filter on how quickly the play button can be consecutively pressed to prevent this accidental spamming from happening? Or is there a patch with similar functionality you’d recommend that doesn’t have this issue? OR is there a particular pedal I can get that will help? I’ve swapped through multiple kinds of sustain/switch pedals and can’t seem to avoid this, to the point that at every gig I’m stressing out about whether it’ll work right or not at the dramatic moment when the beat is supposed to come in.

I don’t have any experience using Pure Data but I might could get around it well enough if I’m just making one small edit. I just don’t even know if that kind of edit is possible.

Thanks for any help!

there are patches that do that already i know that i’ve made few myself, the right patch and learning a little pd your performance fears will all go away

Here you are. Change the main.pd file in the dj patch folder with this main.pd. I have it hard set to only output a bang from the footswitch or aux if it has been less than 500ms. If you open up the patch you can change this, I have it marked in there so you can fine tune if need be.

main.pd (13.3 KB)

This sounds perfect and I am SO grateful you made it but I’m having an issue-- your link downloaded as main.pd.txt which my computer sees as a ‘plain text’ file (even if I manually try to delete the ‘.txt’. The original main.pd is a ‘document’. I tried it in the Organelle anyway and the patch is messed up and won’t load right.

Is there an additional step I need to take after downloading? Should I open them both in TextEdit and copy/paste the guts of the new one into
original one?

Again thank you for making this. You are about to be my hero for life.

I pasted into the preexisting main.pd file and it works! Thanks again.

ok I am glad it worked eventually! :upside_down_face: