How to implement the new knob behaviour on the firts organelle patches

Hi there!
Last patches that are being build have this lovely knob behaviour that the value does not change untill you reach the value where they are. This prevents jumps in the sound.
I need a little guide to implement this in, for example Nori Sampler Loop.

Thanks in advance!

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Check out the o-knob system, I was playing around with that last night. That system handles the knob behaviour as you described, with “soft taker over”. From what I could see in all the patches I have been testing this weekend, that is the most used page/knob/preset system on organelle. And it works really great.

i need to start employing the o-knob too


It is actually really great system. Spend some hours yesterday getting to know it. It was pretty easy to make 8 pages with 4 dials on each page = 32 controls in all. Well 28, cause 4 of them are used for the preset system itself.

I finished last night a one page [4 knobs] abstraction for a 16 Step Sequencer with 4 values if you count

Pitch of Sequence Step
Octave of Pitch in Sequence Step
Contour Step
on/off step

It’s been driving me batty eating up four pages of menus for a simple 16 lane sequencer. i am goin o tweak it and probably add it to the minimoog and i will look at o-knob during that time

cheers and welcome!

I thought about doing it in another way. I thought about assigning til first 4 keys of the keyboards as a ways of selecting the step. When I hold key one, the 4 knobs are steps 1-4. When I hold key two, I get step 5-8 and so on. I still havent tried it, though, but that could keep it alot simpler. One dont have to sweep through the pages, you can simply selecting the steps by holding down the keys. But holding buttons down… Can give you alot more pages and alot easier to acces to them.

Anyway I have plans to use the keys in many ways and this was one of them. Using the keys to do these things definetly opens up for some new ideas here. I never use a keyboard like a “regular” keyboard, I would rather use them for on/off switches or selecting presets or whatever.

About the pages. Check lmnts patch. Marc has all ready implemented 7 pages. So it is a good starting point. I took the basic system, which display and everything from there. And rebuild it abround his page system.

i am trying to stick with the basic Os for now with my main organelle and my second one is for blind bug testing but perhaps soon.
I am only using one page with a routing 93 knobs) with this new abs-- it’s way easier to show it then talk about it I’m sure you know what i mean
Getting 4 pages down to 3 knobs for me is a success. but I’m a big fan of the MI stuff [i have it in my 12U and a Yarns/Rings in my 6U so i am overjoyed we have that in Organelle pd now too!


Im pretty sure the multi page system also does soft takeover.

Ive switched back and forth between multi page and o-knob, and also been playing with different ways of interacting with each… which is why if you look at my MI patches, they are a bit different… each is an experiment, to feel explore what works best (for me).

my findings so far:
I find both o-knob and multi page equally easy to use.
(though with both you have to take care if you want to give the proper user experience.)

o-knob, i like the use of Aux button, as its quick and simple, but when you have lots of pages, means you potentially have to go thru many pages to get to the one you want.

multi page, the menu system is more scaleable, but means you have to go back to the HOME page via the menu, rather than the encoder… which i find less intuitive, also feels a bit more like menu diving, so i find o-knob easier to ‘browse’ the settings.

but i think overall both are great, its not an easy thing to get right …

Its been great experimenting with them, and its given me a much clearer idea of how I want to handle this in the future :wink:
(possible after Ive released the full rngs~ patch, but I’ve not quite decided)

Yes it does :slight_smile: That is what I like about it.

okay this makes me feel better. The biggest issue i seem to encounter is that people do not realize until they save the menus return to a default and i was misinterpreting that as my fault.

But i am quite happy with the sequencer code.
i will share it tonight but it’s most definitely going to replace a bunch of stuff in future synths --certainly the “vintage ones” where a step sequencer is de rigueur