Pitch Shifter

So this nifty patch has a pretty solid pitch shifter. I believe it’s based on a hanning(?).
Anyways! I’m trying to make it compatible with organelle. It uses a slider with a range of 0-127. Easily modified to work with a knob. But what about the keys on the organelle? Anyone willing to help me figure this one out?

pitchshifter.pd (16.3 KB)

I have been using the “stepmother” patch from patchstorage . Works perfect as the Organelle hardware interface. It also has midi cc mapped to the controls.

Hey pepper! Thanks for the reply.
I think there might be some confusion. My fault! After reading my post, I realized I was pretty vague.
So the patch above shifts the pitch in semitones with a slider. What I’m trying to set up is that, instead of shifting the pitch by semitones with a slider, I would press the 69 key sending a 440 (or something else?) and shifts the pitch to that.
The problem right now is if I connect
[r notes]-[unpack]-[number box-[mtof]-[number box\

It is shifting the pitch waaaayyy higher than at 440.

So the main issue I think is getting the math right and where exactly to connect the notes.

so say the fisrt key is assigned to trigger 0, the second 1, the third 2 etc. These will be c c# d in Midi numbers, then add multiples of 12 to each key to shift octaves. If you want frequencies in hz put that output into [ mtof ] object. these is also ftom which does the opposite. I hope I understood correctly. Ironically i have been working on an emulator of the Eventide Harmoniser which also uses the PD vanilla pitchshifter patch your using. The biggest hurdle for me is getting accurate pitch tracking for intelligent harmonisation. Sigmund~, fiddle~ and helmholtz~ don’t quite cut the mustard in realtime.

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Would I send the hz directly into the [phaser~]?
One of my goals is to have a selection of -/+ 2 octaves. I also want to try and set it up with 8 voices and select a sequence of up to 8 bass notes where the next step is triggered when an audio signal above a certain threshold is detected. Or something like that. Really I’m trying to make a dumbed down/poor mans version of the Antares Harmony Engine. But I’m no PD savant, so it’s a slow process. :sweat_smile:

Holy crap eventide harmonizer would be AMAZING!!!

Helmholtz~ is the answer. Perfect

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Have you messed with soundtouch before? If so thoughts??

So after some digging and asking around, someone suggested I also check out e_forcepitch from the RJDJ Library. Got it all loaded on my organelle, but for some reason, it isn’t passing audio. Then it occurred to me that this library might not be compatible with the current Organelle fw.
Anyone else wanna give it a shot and see what they get??
You can download the RJDJ externals here.

I thought all the RjDj objects were made in Vanilla…
is this e_forcepitch an exception?
something that could be happening is that you forgot to attach some abstractions needed for that Abstraction in order to work. .

It very well could have been. I really don’t know.

I’m pretty certain I placed them all in the patch. But I did notice there isn’t a pd_linux file for it either. Not sure if that’s playing a part or not? These are my first “big boy” steps into PD. Unfortunately that means there could be any number of things going wrong really. :sweat_smile:

@chrisk or @oweno any chance ya’ll might know? Or have any tips on how I could troubleshoot the issue?

Are you getting any error messages in the Pd window? I think RJDJ library is Pd vanilla like @Servandob mentioned… so there won’t be any pd_linux files needed, but I know a lot of those RJDJ abstractions depend on one another, so you might be getting errors about missing files?


Bingo!! I was definitely missing a couple abstracts. I always forget to check that little screen for errors. :man_facepalming:
Thanks for the assist!

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