MIDI control device recommendations?

I’d love to trigger ETC scenes out of their saved order. (Example a direct transition from scene 3 to scene 7, without running through scenes 4, 5, 6 in between.) It sounds like this is possible from the ETC manual. There are a few warnings about standards in the manual.

I’d love to get simple device to do this. Has anyone here set this up? Can anyone recommend any particular devices? Are there any iOS apps that can do this instead of a dedicated device? Akai and Korg both have mini pad devices that look nice, but I don’t know if they’d work with the ETC. I do see a recommendation for a Novation Circuit in other thread, I wonder if a cheaper option would work.

I’m a total newbie with MIDI, so pretend I know nothing. Thanks for any advice.

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you can select scenes with midi program change messages.

if your using usb for midi , then it must be a class compliant midi device.

you cannot use iOS since this is a usb midi host, not a usb midi device, there are some ways around this, which are detailed for the Organelle (see usb host to host) but applicable to the ETC.


Thank you, I appreciate your help.

You can use IOS with the ETC this way:
From iPad to




to ETC

Do not buy the other iPhone/iPad camera adapter that is unpowered (usb port only). It is an expensive paperweight, you should also ensure that it is Apple official, as they have made sure IOS rejects other manufacturers’ devices.

this will not working directly for either ETC nor Organelle, since this makes the iPad a USB host, and the ETC/Organelle are also usb hosts…
so you then either need a host to host adapter or a USB to midi din converter.
the latter is actually not a bad option for the ETC as it (unlike Organelle) has a midi din input…

in summary for iOS you would need

  • lightening to usb adapter (aka camera connection kit for older ipads/iphone)
  • a usb to midi din cable (these are pretty cheap)

I run mine with a disaster area dmc 8 gen 3 and a source audio reflex expression pedal. They work perfectly and it also controls all my guitar effects.

Did you read or click through on my post Mark? The ETC has DIN input. As you mentioned, a usb to midi din converter will work - which is precisely what I posted a link to. There is no problem with my suggestion.

sorry, didnt click on the link, as there was no description to what it actually was, i assumed more info to the lightening adapter you linked above :wink:

tip, you can add more descriptive links in discourse like this:

[USB to din converter](https://goo.gl/images/nC5w4R)

comes out like this
USB to din converter

Thanks for the tip. I’m told you can often find out more by reading links posted on discourse before replying too them too. :slight_smile:

I use a disaster area dmc 8 as a midi controller. It does just that. Paired with a source audio reflex expression, it’s a friggin miracle worker.

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Can you use a novation launchpad pro for an etc?


You must have a look at ETC’s manual : https://critterandguitari.github.io/ETC_Manual/#ETC’s_MIDI_Configuration

ETC receives CC messages, Program Change Message (PCM), Note off/on, and Midi clock. If you’re not familiar with MIDI and those differents messages, you could search on google what does it means.

I don’t have a launchpad pro but after reading manual, it looks like Launchpad can send CC messages, note off/on and MIDI Clock but not PCM.
So yes, you can try using Lauchpad with your ETC but if i’m right about PCM you won’t be able to switch between scene.

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I just wanted to update everyone on this. I got a KORG Nano Pad 2. It works great. You assign MIDI change codes to the individual pads in Korg’s software. (You need a Windows or Mac computer to do this.) I’ve set the pads to scenes, but I might play around with mode changes. There are 16 pads on the device, and 4 banks, so 64 saved scenes possible. It’s a game changer to be able to trigger scenes out of saved order.

It also has an x/y touchpad, I’d like to explore assigning knob values to that. Nice tool for a nice price.


I love the digitakt for midi control of the ETC!