How to set default knob values & save knob values when switching between patches

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering two things that may or may not be related:

  1. What’s the best way to set default knob values when designing a patch? I mean the values that are set when you load the patch after turning the Organelle on.

  2. Usually, when I leave a patch to go to another one and then go back, the settings I had last in the first patch are still saved (assuming I didn’t turn the Organelle off). But in another patch I’m working on, the settings are not saved. When I leave the patch and go back to it, the knobs are back at their defaults. Any suggestions for how to make the settings not go back when I switch between patches?

Thanks for any info on these things!

Check out o-knob. It’s pretty easy to implement in a patch.

Thank you! I’ll check that out.