Knobs not responding immediately

I’m new to the forum so hello everyone!
I’ve been using my Organelle for a couple of weeks now and it’s really great, huge thanks to C&G!
I just have this problem with knobs, they’re not responding immediately when dealing with some patches - the complex ones probably (Rampi PB or 1008, maybe more, I’ll have to check). Parameters don’t change, when I tweak them (sound also doesn’t change). I have to move them little bit more to get them going (see the video - not the best quality but you’ll get the idea). It’s not some kind of latency, it doesn’t change when I wait longer after launching the patch, the parameters change just when I hit a right position on the knob or something, I don’t really know.
Is it normal? Is there anything I can do to get it to work? I’m using OS 3.0 btw

On more complex multi page patches the knobs have been set up to “pick-up” the position from the previous time you left this page or saved the patch. If you wanted to change this you’d need to roll your sleeves up and dive into the guts of the patch.

To test this, try out the Analog Style patch by C&G. This is a simple 1 page affair and the knobs will always react immediately to movement.

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Oh, I see! I had no idea, but it makes perfect sense. Thank you!

Hi there. I don’t own this fantastic instrument yet, but i’m thinking about buying one. So, i was worrying about the other way around. Are there patches (like you wrote simple patches), like Analog Style, where it happens that the parameters (and the sound) jumps when you tweak a knob because the knob is in another position than the parameter? And if yes, is it easy to change the patch, that it’s possible to pick-up the parameters? This would be a very important point for me…

generally for simpler patches the sound will snap directly to the knob as soon as the patch is started.

the only time they latch to previous positions is when the patch has multiple pages.

wow, thanks for this fast answer. okay, i don’t know about multiple pages, i have to read about it. But, is it possible to choose if a patch jumps to the parameters where the knobs are or if the parameters are where you saved it (this seems to be possible) and then you can pick-up by turnung the knobs to this position?
I wish to save a patch with the actual parameters, that the sound is exactly the same when i choose this patch the next time. But without parameter-jump when i touch a knob.

yeah. there is a save function in the menu that will save values of the knobs and a save new function that will save it as a new file with all the knob settings.

Oh, dear, i see that my question seems to be a bit complicated or i don’t get this machine right. And my english is not very good, sorry. But i try…
I imagine 3 possible situations:
1 - you save the patch with the 4 parameter setting. When you touch a knob, the parameter/sound will jump to the value where the knob is (that’s not so cool for me)
2 - when you load a patch the values of the parameters are set to the points where the knobs are (no jumps, but not possible for saved parameters)
3 - like the first post in this discussion, when you turn a knob you have to pick-up the (saved) value first before you can change it (this sounds perfect, because you can save the parameters and there are no jumps)

So, my big question is, if its possible to turn a situation 1 or 2 patch to the situation 3? :thinking:

Hi there Rae, and welcome to the forum!

The functionality of the knobs is very much down to the creator as the “picked up” function is basically some Pure Data code written into the patch. The same goes for the multi pages.

So to answer your question, yes it is possible to turn situations 1 or 2 into 3. :sunglasses:

hei, ghostly606. thanks a lot. now i get it! so, i think i have to order one :heart_eyes:

as ghostly said, it varies from patch to patch, as its defined in the patch.

generally the more involved patches (including those with multiple pages of parameters) implement pickup, those that have just 4 parameters so one page, are less likely to have it.
(most, but not all, patches allow some mechanism to save patch parameter positions, and some, again not all, will link this to pickup)

for multi page parameters a few patchers have provided solution which others use, the most common is the C&G solution (introduce around v2.0?), but there are others like oKnob.

Ive also introduced a new one called “Kontrol” which you’ll see on my latest patches, this mechanism uses pickup, and also has presets and midi learn… and is easy to adapt patches to… so you could probably change any patches you find not working to your liking to use it.
(its pretty trivial, as it involves very little PD coding… since it abstracts the UI, which is normally where the complications start)

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thanks a lot @thetechnobear for further infos!