How to Set EYESY back to Access Point Mode

I booted the EYESY holding Shift key, saw it as a WIFI access point, connected to it successfully. Then I changed the WIFI settings to my home WIFI and saved. Rebooted without holding SHIFT and the EYESY never joined my network. Now, holding SHIFT to get it back to access point mode doesn’t work and EYESY doesn’t show up as an available access point so I’m stuck, unable to access EYESY at all. Please help. Yes, WIFI USB is connected during boot up. TIA

I re-flashed the SD card, setting the EYESY back to factory settings, and was able to boot the EYESY in access point mode again. I think I’ll just keep it in access point mode and not bother trying to put it on my home wifi network.

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Thanks for the update.

Do you know if your home WiFi network is 2.4 GHz or 5GHz? The included USB-WiFi Adapter will only connect to 2.4 GHz WiFi networks.

Do you remember what the OSD displayed for the network settings when you were unable to connect to the AP?

I read in the guide that only 2.4Ghz was supported so I set it to join that network instead of our 5Ghz. OSD was blank for Network Name