How to start fresh with Organelle


I recently purchased an Organelle from Ebay and wanted to start fresh. The operating system is V.1 and no matter what I try the screen always reads “no patches found”.

I would like to:

  1. Install a fresh new operating system to insure everything is updated and working properly.
  2. Install all of the patches fresh and new.

Could someone point me in the right direction to doing this? I’ve tried a bunch of suggestions on the forms and nothing works.

Thank you,

welcome , hope you have some fun with your new organelle :slight_smile:

ok lets start from the beginning.
to run patches, you don’t have to have the latest OS (which i’ll cover in next post), so first step is perhaps just having fun with OS 1.0.

patches not found… you need to have a USB stick with a patches folder, and install patches into it, these can all be downloaded from

note: some patches will need the later 2.1/3.0 OS, see next post.

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next step…

so you dont have to be on the latest OS, for patches to work, but its a good idea to get it up to date :slight_smile:

you have two options
a) upgrade to 2.1, then 3.0
then after this, run

b) upgrade the SD card to 2.1, the upgrade to 3.0
(this is my preferred approach, but requires you have an sdcard reader on your pc/mac)
then use etcher ( to ‘burn’ the sdcard

then upgrade to 3.0

of course you will still need to bring the patches on to your usb stick :wink:


And once you want to explore more patches, head over to or the patching subforum on here.

Welcome Eric!