I can't update to os3.1

Hi, i’m a new user of the organelle. i got mine used. i have the white usb stick and it all worked fine for a few days. i updated to os3.1 and messed around a bit but yesterday some patches weren’t working and some strange symbols got in the name of the patches, they weren’t working and organelle was reading them only as folders. i deleted them and copied them again but then other patches started behaving like that. this happened again and again so i formated the white usb stick. now the only patches on it are the os2.1 update and the os3.1. i updated to 2.1 but when i get around the the 3.1, i press the aux button and a message reads “Upgrade failed: files Try downloading and running this patch again.” No matter how many times i delete and then copy the update on the stick, no matter how many times i redownload the os update, it doesn’t work. I even tried another usb stick and the exact same problem occurs. Can someone please help? I didn’t even get the chance to mess around enough with orac and most patches don’t seem to work with os2 (e.g. somehow i’m missing the sequencer in nice surprises) sorry for my english

easiest and cleanest thing to do is to just re-write the image on the sdcard…
(assuming you have an sdcard reader)

thanks! i’ll try that out. any recommendation for an sd card, reader and a wifi stick? i think i read somewhere from you that a wifi ralink 5370 is a sure option. also which are the the safest steps for the wifi patch transfer? (i watched the c&g video on it but if there is another helpful thread, let me know) also a huge thanks for your contribution to the organelle, you’ve done amazing things! orac is amazing and your patches are so sweet! :slight_smile: thanks a lot for answering

edit: i noticed that in the c&g video for the wifi setup they move patches from the computer to the usb stick. how do i go about moving them to the sd card? is it the tab on the right that reads “sd card”? i’m asking because i’m wondering if i need to get a usb stick/wifi dongle with ralink 5370. sorry if i’m asking a lot but i’m being exrta careful and want the idiot-proof method.

yes, ralink5370 chipset is the wifi stick you’re after - they are often sold as wifi sticks for the rPI.
(if you’re in the US , C&G sell then… if you’re in Europe , search on this forum, I think people have posted amazon links)

the easiest way to transfer patches via wifi is using the Patch Manager in the web app, and yes it can store on both SDCard and USB stick…
really once you have a wifi stick, running off the SDCard is by far the best option :slight_smile:

note: its a good idea to get a bigger SD (8 or 16gb) card if you plan to do this, and then use my resize SD card patch above.
I always buy decent quality SD cards, e.g. SanDisk… as they are not that expensive, and are more reliable.

SDCard reader… any will do really, I have a transcend that works fine.

Id recommend a usb 3.0 one if your computer supports USB3 , as they are quite a bit faster, and when your transferring system images they are 4gb, so take some time. (that said, i do this more regularly than most people I expect :wink: )

thanks a whole bunch!!! :slight_smile: i got a new sd card and re-wrote the image on it (16gb sandisk micro sd and run resize patch) and it works perfectly. i ordered a wifi dongle (ralink5370) but i can’t get it to work. i have a mac and it doesn’t recognise it. i downloaded the drivers etc but it doesn’t seem to work. i worked around it though and i copied all the c&g patches and mine on a new usb stick, because the white one seems to be corrupted and i don’t wanna risk it, and it all works perfectly. I would really love if someone has a recommendation on a wifi dongle that works with mac and/or a thread/guide/video for setting it up correctly. It’d be really cool to try out the wireless transfer. Thanks a lot again! <3

The USB-WiFi dongle should be inserted in the Organelle. You don’t need to download drivers for your computer or Organelle.

Have you followed the steps in the manual? Here’s a video too:

you’re right! i was confused because i thought that the wifi.txt was in the wifi stick but it’s in the usb drive so it’s all up and working now. thanks a lot for the help! i really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

I’m trying to update my old (original) Organelle to OS4.0 but without any luck as it fails to mount the sdcard (“can’t find ext4 filesystem”) and get stuck on 99%. I have tried 3 different sdcards one was the original 4gb, then an 8gb I had, and now with a freshly bought 16gb.
I use balenaEtcher 1.5.101 on mac catalina 10.15.5 and it does the flash burn nicely every time without any errors.
When the booting stops, I’ve tried journalctl -xb as suggested and find that in line 76 it reads: CPU1: failed to boot: -38 (in read) and in line 136 again in red it reads: imx6q-pcie 1ffc000.pcie: phy link never came up. Next red line is 204 saying: imx-sdma 20ec000.sdma: firmware not found. Several more red lines appear (can’t mount as ext3 or ext2, no caching mode page and a few other things). I have tried both the 20180529-v3.1.img file and the OG1-v4.0.img file, but with the same result for both. I’m out of ideas… Is there any of this that hint as to where a solution might be found?

That’s odd, I’ve never had an issue flashing images.

Your definitely using an organelle-1 image for the organelle-1, and organelle-m image will not work.

I’m not sure what to suggest…

It’s one of two issues

  1. Flash is failing.
    Try a different computer? Different sdcard writer?
    You could try to load the sdcard writer using another Linux machine to see if it can see the sdcard image your creating is valid

  2. Hardware failure
    Less likely but if the image is valid this is the only other conclusion.
    If you have tried multiple sdcards, then this points to the organelle sdcard reader?!
    But that’s a odd failure, not one I’ve heard of before.

hey everybody. just re-flashed my sd card and i need access to the wifi.txt file in order to load patches and i can’t seem to do that. is there a work around?? after flashing the sd card, my mac doesn’t recognise the sd with my card reader. tried using an empty usb flash drive with just a wifi.txt ( with the network and password) and a Patches folder but im stuck. im super anxious and i think i seriously messed up. any thoughts? thnx in advance

You haven’t messed anything up.

With the USB-WiFi adapter connected to the Organelle, turn on the Organelle’s Access Point (AP) from the WiFi menu, and turn on Web Server. Join your computer to the AP network (Organelle) and from your computer go to organelle.local (or the IP address listed on the Info page). You will be able to add your network credentials there. More information in the manual.

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thnx so much for your super fast reply! i got it working and added my wifi network. works like a charm! <3