Issue installing os2.1

I am way behind the times- but I just picked up an organelle today and it is presently running os1.1

I have the 2.1 patch loaded up but is says “this patch requires v2 or greater to run”.
Basically- I need v2 to get to v2.1 to get v3.1. I have 2.1 and 3.1 ready to go, but I cannot find v2.0. Where does this exist? I looked on patchstorage and .io and haven’t had luck.
Thanks for the assist, really can’t wait to dig in.

Dunno if anyone is as behind as I am- I figured it out. When I was pulling the 2.1 folder into the organelle patches card from my pc, it was making a parent folder and placing the update in that. The parent folder had the same name, so I just replaced the parent with the actual folder once I realized it.

If you have an sdcard reader - you would be better to go directly to 3.1 by using the 3.1 image, rather than doing multiple upgrades - unfortunately, the end result does not appear to be identical.

Thank you! This will definitely help folks having the same problem as me.