How to: Start over?

Hi there,

I played a show with my Organelle on Friday and all was well.
Today, I found that in the time since I last checked the forums, there was a new OS and many new patches.
I downloaded OS 3.1, installed it among other things.

Now, every patch I try is, well…patchy. Can’t play chords, can’t switch between notes quickly. It’s apparent something is very wrong. Everything seems to be overloading the CPU, and I seem to have 50% usage when I’m not even doing anything.

I upgraded from 2.2tb14 if I remember correctly, not sure if that screwed anything up.

I’m now wondering how to just start over entirely from a new slate. I tried to look up instructions as if I had just bought a new USB drive, but I haven’t solved the problem yet. I deleted all my patches and tried downloading them again from Still not fixed.

I’m transferring files from the C&G usb from my macbook pro (kinda old). I would use another usb drive but I can’t for the life of me find my other one at the moment.

How do I start just over and get back to where I was?


Kevin M.

You can download an older OS disk image by following the link here:

Follow the instructions for flashing it to the microSD card in the post too…