Organelle refresher class

Been stupid busy past few months but Orac gave me kick up the ass to dust off Organelle, update it and buy a battery. Hoping someone can quickly refresh me on the following before I get heavy in to it again. Thanks!

Need to buy a small USB stick. Mine’s gonna end up getting caught on something if I’m using it with a battery… Any links to proven micro sticks like the factory one?

When I get a new stick, can I just format it then copy/paste everything across from current stick? Or have some installation procedures etc changed over updates and I need to reinstall some stuff?

Can I rename a patch after saving a new version during an Organelle session? Like if there’s an infinity jets patch I make and save as new, can I later rename it, so I don’t have hundreds of patches with no clue what they are…

Can I move zop patches to different folder after they’ve been installed? Like I can with non-zop patches.

Right of the bat… why not forget the usb stick completely? move to sdcard only :wink: info is allround this fine community!

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Yeah man ideally I wanna go the SD route but everything ‘works’ at the moment… Dont wanna tempt fate :confused: Might brave it though. @oweno is there an idiot proof sd disk image in the works still? Any ETA? Thanks

There was just a run down in the Orac announcement thread:

you’ll need an sdcard writer for your computer. then:

  • download the 3.0 image from
  • download etcher , from
  • pop out the microsd card from your Organelleinsert sdcard into writer on your computer
  • start etcher, select the image you downloaded, and your sdcard , write image
  • pop sdcard into organelle (carefully, dont drop it inside the case )

its quick and easy to do, once you’ve done it once.
thats it, the whole OS is replaced, so like new…

Actually this is just about reinstalling the os onto the sdcard, @keymanpal is referring to using sdcard for patches - this I detailed in another post on the forum.

The intention is one day to have a downloadable image which has this , for a 16gb as card, but all a matter of finding time, everyone is busy.

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Ah, my fault! Guess I need a refresher too :wink:

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No worries, things move fast around here :slight_smile:

I’ll read up on the SD switch and see if it feels like something I won’t screw up :wink:

You’ll need a new (bigger) sdcard , so doesn’t matter if you screw up, you’ll still have your other card.
So you screw up it just won’t work :wink:

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Cool, hadn’t thought of it like that. I’ll grab a new card and try my luck :slight_smile:

Go for it! Fingers cross here… in any case just ask for help to fill the “holes-of-the-bumpy-road” or highway.

I totally understand wanting to keep the look of the Organelle as close to original as possible, that being the case I bought a “Leef Surge” that does the job fairly well.

It was pricey but damn it looks good on the Organelle, as a plus since it’s oriented upside down it appears to read “feel” which is awesome.

Oh also all I did was format the card FAT32, named it “Organelle” and copied everything over.
Kept all my folders and settings on tact.

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Thanks for heads up on the info and details of that stick, might grab one as backup in case the SD switch goes south :wink: