Screen goes black when trying to select patches?

Hi! My partner and I just got a used organelle from a friend. It was working for the first half hour, but after pressing the “update-OS-v2.1” option under “patches”, the organelle stopped working. It still turns on and displays everything, but the screen goes black when trying to select a patch.

Has anyone else had this problem, or know what might be causing it?

so you are able to see the patch, just when you launch them it goes blank…
if so, this sounds like there is something wrong with pure data starting, or the mother.pd patch.

honestly, theres no obvious cause, as the updates are well tested (perhaps you already had OS 3.0 on it, downgrading is certainly not tested/supported…), and without digging thru logs , I can’t say whats failing… and that’s time consuming, and no fun.

fortunately there is an obvious and easy fix :slight_smile:

start a fresh - and update the internal sdcard to OS v3.0/v3.1
(you’ll need an sdcard reader for this)

to do this
a) eject the sdcard from the organelle (on back, inside the little slot, its spring loaded)

b) download the latest OS image from here

you should use v3.0 if you have the older 4gb card
or if its 16gb, (or you have a spare 16gb), use v3.1

c) flash this onto the sdcard using an sdcard reader , using something like

d) insert sdcard carefully back into organelle.
its best to do this with the organelle tilted upside down, as its possible to drop the sdcard inside (not end of world if it happens, just extra steps ;)) , so that you can insert the sdcard , then make sure you feel the spring of the sdcard holder before you push it in fully.

e) since your starting fresh, id also recommend you format the USB drive , especially if its the white one supplied by C&G

f) if you installed OS 3.0, you’ll want to

I) update to OS 3.1
downloaded Update-3.1 , from here
just run that.

II) install other patches from C&G,
you can download then all from

the above might seem like quite a lot, but in practice it only takes about 5 minutes or so, and then you know you are reset to factory condition , with the latest OS etc :slight_smile:


Thanks for answering this @thetechnobear!

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My pleasure, hope it helps OP.

@chrisk is there a OS 3.1 image for the 4gb card? Perhaps might be useful - so everyone can just take the appropriate 3.1 image.

( this can be simply an image of the first partition, as obviously no room on 4gb for second patches partition)

(3.1 is recommended as it has the AP service on it)

Thank you so much for this @thetechnobear

I just purchased a second-hand Organelle myself and wanted to start fresh, these instructions were perfect.

Looking forward to getting stuck in, I’m already so impressed with how strong this community is. :ok_hand:

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