Organelle 1 update os 4.0

hello! i am new here… just tried to update the newest os to my organelle1, i run through the program on the original usb, after ejecting, first, my organelle info still display the version is 3.1,but the layout is completely different (the folder and the patches seems like already updated),second, i want to add the other patch into organelle , nut my mac cannot recognize the usb anymore, wonder in this case , how can i arrange the patch i want to put in the organelle…
already check many article but i cannot solves this problem sorry…

OS 4.0 needs to be installed on the microSD card (not the USB). Instructions to burn the OS are here: Critter & Guitari Manual

oh!! sorry, i thought it’s same idea…alright i will try again
thank you:)

hello! sorry to bother again…
i just did it with micro sdcard , and still have few question…

  1. the info still show version.3.1 but he patches can workig on
    2.the micro sdcard cannot recognize by computer anymore, then i found manual said it should be organize by patch manager through web browser , and need to connect wifi, but i try the wifi setting, the computer couldn’t find the organelle, wonder how can i solve it and start manage the patches again:)

i tried many times repeat the procedure ( download the image files, download balena, installed on microsd card by balena and reopen again ), but the info version still in 3.1, can not understand which part mistake…@@…

sorry to checking again, i have done many times (format the microsd, flashing on balena, burn by file os4.0 which was unziped) but every time i put it back to my organelle, the info still says on version 3.1…
but the layout already changed, and the microsd card cannot read by computer anymore that make me unable to put patches i downloaded into the microsd card…
do you know how to fix it?

It is hard to say that you’re following the steps exactly. (for example, step 3 indicates that you should not unzip the disk image.) You do not need to format the microSD card before flashing.

  1. Download the newest version of the burner/flasher program to your computer: balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives
  2. Download the microSD card disk image to your computer:
    Current OS release: OG1-4.0. Requires 8GB or larger microSD card.
  3. Do not unzip the disk image. To ensure proper flashing, the Etcher program should flash it while the disk image is still in the zipped state.
  4. Power down the Organelle.
  5. Locate the thin slit in the rear of the enclosure (between the MIDI In port and the HDMI Port).
  6. Use a pin or paperclip to press in on the black SD card to eject it and it will spring out gently.
  7. Insert microSD into your computer. You may need an adapter or card reader.
  8. Use the Etcher program to burn the zipped OS on to the SD Card. When Etcher is finished your computer may display a message similar to ‘This disk is not readable.’ This message is normal and you may click ‘Eject’ to proceed.
  9. Remove the microSD card from your computer and reinsert it in Organelle. Make sure that the SD card is going into the socket on the circuit board, as it is easy to drop it into the device. Holding the Organelle upside down helps the orient the SD card. If you can wiggle it a lot, it probably is not in socket. Use the same pin/paperclip to press it in until you hear/feel a ‘click.’
  10. Restart the Organelle. Check your OS version in Settings/Info.