I made a mode


Hi all, I made an ETC mode. This is my first one that is good enough to share.

patchstorage link: Circles Concentric

It draws 5 concentric circles centered on the screen, the diameter responds to the amplitude. It’s a reconfiguring of the included Circle Row mode.

I appreciate any constructive opinions or suggestions, and I hope you all enjoy it.


Looks like really cool !
Thanks for sharing


can’t wait to try it!


Do you know if this will work with OTC?


Can’t see any reason why not!


Do I just place it in the modes folder?


I just updated the mode, fixing a small bug. Version 1.1 is on the patchstorage link now.


What’s the OTC?


Yes, copy the whole folder into the modes folder on your ETC USB drive. It should be there and work when you boot the ETC back. Be sure to grab the new version 1.1 though. Enjoy!


Thanks, hope you enjoy it!


It’s kind of like a simplified version of ETC. but for the Organelle.


Interesting! I hope it works for you.