User / C&G new modes (that aren't shipped with the machine)

Hi I saw a post on Instagram today from Perfect Circuit talking about user generated modes being available, but don’t know where to find them, can you point me to where they are, I would love to try them out! Thanks


any updates here? i will be looking to getting into MODE programming this afternoon, and would also like to know where to upload my finished (and slightly unfinished) creations!

I’ve made about five modes so far. They are tailored to my own music … but I plan on simplifying the code for general use.

Doesn’t seem to be any response from C&G so maybe upload them somewhere and post the links in this thread or create a new one?
I’d love to try out your new modes!

We are working with Patch Storage ( getting a category setup for ETC. Patch Storage also hosts the user contributed Organelle patches. More details soon…

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There is now an ETC platform category on Patch Storage where users can upload their modes!

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Hi, we posted some new modes that use images on Patch Storage: