Improved sequencers for Orac no longer working since OS4.0

Having trouble getting any of these to work when I was going through some patches and found they no longer work for me but was wondering if that’s just me?

for instance the punchy will load the notes but when i play the sequence nothing gets triggered.

Is this on the Organelle M or the Organelle 1 (the one without speaker)? There are some test sequences that get installed (as orac presets named like ‘seq-demo-1’), did you try loading one of them?

I just tried on a Organelle M (OS v4.0) and it seems to work. Installed orac then the sequencers. Started orac and recalled one of the presets to test.

Hey, I have the Organelle M.
Hmm thinking there may be something funky going on with my orac (have another issue where If I swap out the S2 module the organelle m freezes up. So I unsuccessfully attempt to load these presets as well.
Is it possible to have 2 oracs installed or will I need to save and download all my usermodules and presets (from sd card/media and data respectively) then delete orac from patches folder and install the zop?

Managed to replace Orac pretty easily, and it no longer freezes which is a bonus. However I’m still getting the same issue with punchy (i can hear it sending midi note info when I write/punch the sequence, but when I try play it back using the organelle keys to control the microfreak it refuses to play/send the note data for me. Tried with a synth on A2 but this also failed.