Improved sequencer modules for Orac

Here are some improved sequencer modules for Orac on the Organelle:

Make sure you have Orac installed first. The .zop package creates a new folder of modules and also installs 3 presets for demo. The package includes:


Updated LINK and MIDI enabled clock module that outputs 360 numbered ticks per beat…All the sequencers require this 360 tick beat clock to operate (more about this later), so this clock module must replace the standard Orac clock module in slot s2 for any of the following sequencers to work.

The AUX button in the clock module sends a global start/stop signal to the sequencers. (to use this message in Pd: [r global-start] and [r global-stop]


Simple module that plays a click sound on the quarter note.


Updated note sequencer driven by the beat clock so tempo stays locked. Press and hold to record enable, it will start recording with first note pressed, press again to end recording. The sequence length is quantized to nearest beat. You can also multiply the playback speed which is fun.


Same as above, but includes built in arpeggiator. You can select beat division driving the arpeggiator and apply swing (the swing setting only applies to beat divisions 2 and 4, eighth or sixteenth notes).


Updated punchy module. Like the arpseq above, you can select the beat division and swing that drives the punched in sequence. It is great to put a seq module in front of the punchy module to sequence your punched sequences…


Updated polybeats module. You can now select the beat division and swing that drives the polyrhythm. And it finally SAVES the polyrhythm!

10/18 Update

The AUX button in the clock module sends a global start/stop signal to the sequencers, so they can all be started in sync. When you load a preset, the sequencers are stopped by default. You can start them individually or use the AUX button in the clock module.


This is amazing - thank you so much for these :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Will these lock in with external gear now with the updated clock, in terms of downbeats being synced?

The default clock in Orac already locks to MIDI or LINK, so that hasn’t really changed, but yes these new modules all operate off of this clock so everything stays locked. (in the original sequencer modules, some of them ran off the clock, some not)


Thanks you !!

Really so pleased and grateful that these are being developed - I’m noticing a few things that I’m wondering if others can confirm.

  1. Seq: seems to leave out whatever is played as the first note of the sequence.

  2. Polybeats: starts automatically - would be cool if it waited for you to hit aux (this way if you save it with a specific starting point in mind, you can time the start message so it locks in with other gear already running). Is there a way one could mod it to do this without too much trouble?

  3. Is there a reason sampler24 is included in the install? Guess you can never have too many sampler24 modules :rofl:

I didn’t have time to test patches but i’m agree about polybeats. Would be the very best upgrade!

hmm I’m not getting this behavior. Do you have the seq going right to a synth, or is there something in between (like an arp or punchy?). Also try putting the click module in an empty slot, it is helpful to hear the beat… might be something with the auto quantize chopping off a note.

Yes, forgot that it always auto starts, but should be easy to update to save play / stopped state, so if you wanted to press aux to start it, you’d save it in the stopped state.

It’s actually the old sampler24 from the original Orac that loads a static set of samples, leftover from debugging the sequencers.

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Great! Yes I’m saving in stopped state. Can I get a hint on what to change in pd to make it load in this stopped state?

This seems like something I can tackle, so if I can get an idea how, I will attempt the mod and upload if successful :slight_smile:

I’ll have to take a look… the saving stuff in polybeats is actually a little tricky, and there might be some reworking involved.

Hey man, it seems amazing ! Thanks a lot for that. Just a little feed back, arpseq doesn’t have Latch mode, so it is difficult to get into chains of complex chords !


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Cool. And Thanks. If it makes the reworking any easier I believe for most ppl it’s more important to have it just load in a stopped state (identical to WHERE in the pattern it was stopped, and saved, of course).

The people who are interested in saving are most likely also interested in being able to make it work with other gear. So having it able save “going” vs “stopped” isn’t as important as just having it load stopped, in the right place in the pattern.

This way if your timing is good, you can hit aux just before the downbeat while other gear is going and it will lock in. This is for certain cases a workaround til we have transport for orac, but it may be some time yet before we have this. It would need to load in this saved, stopped state anyway in order to work with transport.

Thinking similarly and into the future - @thetechnobear I’d also venture to guess that having transport just sent to ALL modules would be a dream come true. While not as versatile as having it more complex as you’ve mentioned you’d like to make it - if it makes it easier to implement in a simple way first, I think it would be very useful. (People can always use an external controller midi-learned to the “bypass” on modules/sequences they want to bring in/out at different times, but at least this way everything can be synced up and locked in).

Do I just drag this zop file into my patches folder, or into the Orac folder? I’m still using Orac 1 btw…cheers!

Yes, put it in the Patches folder and install.

It was all developed on Orac 2, so you will want to install Orac 2 first.

I updated all the modules so they no longer save play state, they just load stopped. I’ve also added a global start / stop control to the clock module. Pressing the AUX button in the clock module will start or stop all the sequencers… so now you can load a preset, then start the sequences individually or all at once from the clock module. This could be easily tied to MIDI start / stop, I just haven’t gotten around to testing it. LINK also supports start/stop now, but I’m not sure if the abl_link~ Pd object has it yet…

For polybeats you need to pay attention to saving… when you press save, it saves a snapshot of the polyrythm at the top of the next beat. So it will start playback differently depending on when in the pattern you saved it.

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Ok, thanks @oweno. I resisted installing Orac 2 when it was released, and I can’t remember why,…but i seem to remember that it wasn’t as simple as just putting it on the USB key like other patches. Is there somewhere online where there is a super simple guide to installing it? Thanks

You should be able to just download the .zop and install just like any other patch:

Remove the old orac patch folder before installing.

Probably good idea to remove the /media and /data folders too for a clean slate. You might want to back them up if you had any settings or presets from Orac 1 you want to keep.

Ok will try that, thanks @oweno. However, when you say remove the /media and /data folders, won’t that affect the other patches? Or are they exclusive to Orac? Sorry for such dumb-ass questions…

The /media and /data folders are designed as folders to share media and data between patches, but Orac is really the only patch that utilizes them at the moment. Installing Orac will create new ones if they don’t exist.

Actually Capture and the other hacks i released use these 2 folders, but i thought it was there before installing Orac, so i’m gonna change this.

Ok thanks. What about the pd49 thing?