Input not working in orac

Hello there! Is it normal, I just Installed Orac on my organelle and it seems like my input isn’t working. When I select a sequencer, there no way I can’t record something. I tried with the microphone of the organelle and also I’ve plugged in my synth! Both of them are not working.

Also, I just installed Frozen Shmear, and the problem seems the other way around. There is no output signal this time put it recognize the input.

I’ve installed the two at the same time as well as the OS 4. Could it be a problem related to the installation of those element ?

Thanks in advance!

Orac has its own input gain you need to turn on
Hold the encoder down (the one next to the main volume knob) and push the lowest c#. This is S1 and controls audio routing. Scroll the encoder until you see channel a gain, channel b gain and channel c gain. Depending on which channel you are using audio in will determine which channel gain you turn to 100.

If S1 (encoder and c#) is parallel:
Channel A = encoder + lowest c(A1) d(A2) e(A3)
Channel B = encoder + f(B1) g(B2) a(B3) b(B4)
Channel C = encoder + middle c(C1) d(C2) e(C3)

If S1 is serial
Only channel A

Thank you!

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