Installing external libs on M

Hi I have a few libs that really need to live in /usr/libs likes being in there
Fluid~ likes being in there and
i think the munger code likes a file in /usr/lib i have to double check but so far my fluidsynth patch is not working

have there been changes because i fear the Install-Fluid @oweno wrote so elegantly no longer works and i am hopeful for a little direction before i proceed

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i am getting an error with fluid in regards to ncurses6

externals and .so should work in the patch directory as long as they are compiled correctly - this is all to do with ‘rpath’ , basically you don’t want them fixed to locations, otherwise it creates version nightmares!

i’ll have to take at fluid later to see whats going on, its quite possible its got a dependency that’s was present on arch, but not on Raspbian by default…

i think that’s the case. My patches on v1 work with fluid --M obviously not. Thanks!

Speaking of external libs, @thetechnobear did you ever complete your Norns project for the PUSH? I followed as long as i could before work took all my time.

yeah, all my ‘work’ is open source and on my GitHub repos.

theoretically, this should even work on the organelle-m, but I can’t say ive tried it yet.
so many opportunities/possibilities , even if your inquisitive its hard to keep up :wink:

perhaps i’ll give it a go for the video shoot :slight_smile:

i had built most of it but that was before the PUSH thing which looks perfect btw
i have a pisound that would be perfect for it

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the norns/pisound/push2 stuff in my repo works , I know a few people that have already got it working/use it .

i’ll admit I backed off a little bit, as a few in the monome community started to get a bit 'off ’ about what I was doing - so I decided to just let it be open, and those that wanted to use my work could ask, and id help and explain as required - but not really talk about it on lines etc.

also, on the flipside, I found the way norns uses sc/lua - sidelined/obfuscated the sclang stuff, like pdef/ndef which Id found were really exciting about supercollider - so that kind of made me less enthusiastic about norns.

so now I ‘track it’ (ie my repo is up to date with norns), as who knows it might turn and go somewhere exciting, but for now its not that interesting to me… yet I understand others love it, so I recognise this is just my personal opinion, not a judgement on norns.

can you point me to the most recent?
I think i was with you until the PUSH implementation

this is norns 2.0.0 …
(Im not tracking the pre-releases, I wait for them to stabalise)

ok, as per this thread , Ive put up a version of fluid~ and its lib, that should work on both the organelle-m and organelle-1… this goes into the patches directory, and then does not require the user to run any installers etc.

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so nice thank you