Introducing 5 Moons!

I can’t say enough how awesome 5 Moons is. And because I can’t leave well enough alone, I’ve already been messing with it.
“5 Blue Moons” :heart_eyes:

I rounded over all the sharp edges and replaced the 4 assembly screws on the top with countersunk flat heads ( M2.5 if anyone else is looking for a more flush UX)
Cheers to C&G for making such a cool and fun thing - can’t wait for my 201 to get here ::))


I ordered one last night. It’s a very pretty instrument & really ticks some boxes on something I have needed for live performance for quite a while – also seems like it’ll be great for messing around / sketching / etc.

I was wondering whether it’s easy to prepare a larger micro-SD card for it? (Not that 20 hours isn’t plenty).

Anyhow, stoked for its arrival & planning on getting it in the mix for a performance on the 28th.

Also ordered a mic this week :microphone: – I have an organelle M & been wanting that addition for minute! got a decent paycheck recently so carpe-ing the diem :slight_smile: thanks for making them.

Great question! The 5 Moons OS has an automatic script that will size the storage partition (where recordings are stored) according to available space on SD card.

After downloading and flashing the OS onto a new SD card, this script will run the first time the new SD card is used in 5 Moons. More information about this is in the manual.

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if this gets midi quantization/sync/start+stop I will buy 3.

thanks so much for the answer & the manual link - even more looking fwd to its arrival :slight_smile:

Is 5 moons based on Rp 2040?

@Servandob it has an I.MX 6 processor.

wow!. so it also runs Linux?, Arch?.. :slight_smile: . I’m very very happy with the reliability of my Og organelle so I can imagine it partly has to do with the I.MX 6 processor… (Had bitter experiences with raspi in the past…)

Forgive me for asking speculative questions, but I wonder if y’all have imagined into a 5 Moons with a built-in mic and speaker like the Organelle M and whether that might at some point take form. :smiley: I would love a tool like that for creating out in the dirt and trees!

Xo Bly

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got a quick & dirty ffmpeg fix I’ll post here in case it’s helpful to anyone - slight modification on one found here - did the trick for me & seems to bring sloppy samples with weird rates into line with what 5Moons wants to play. I’m sure there are simpler tricks, but thanks for bearing with this post!

ffmpeg -i input.wav -af "aformat=sample_fmts=s16:sample_rates=48000" output.wav


been poking around at it, and currently I think the problem is that the sample rates are all over the place on this source material.

Per the manual:

5 Moons records and plays back audio at 16-bit 48kHz. Recorded audio files are in the WAV format.

checking into some hopefully quick conversion possibilities…

Hey all - got a weird question that probably has a simple answer:

  • ive been trying to load up some loop files (wav) into my 5 moons. have named the folders & files properly by number, etc…

  • the files are playing back at the wrong (increased) speed from the 5 moons, and they do not seem to be sped up by a consistent amount from track to track! seems quite weird! the files play back normally on my ubuntu computer (vlc, audacity, etc). (in case it is useful info, some of these wav files I have converted from mp3 format using ffmpeg in the terminal)

would love to hear what y’all think might be going on or how I can correct it! as indicated at the beginning, i strongly suspect an obvious user-error :slight_smile:

Hello everyone. I was wondering if there’s any cap/limit on single file size/length? I saw in the manual that it states an 8 gb card could hold around 7 gb of audio. So that’s awesome, but just curious if I was to hit record and just let it run for hours if I’d run into any issues?
Very much in love with my 5 Moons. It’s my first C&G device.

Definitely also wondering if a track can be armed to record when it detects audio. Anyone know the answer to this? If using a guitar this would be a must have. Otherwise, how could you record a guitar or any other instrument that involves using two hands?

that’s why I love the pedal input in the organelle…
but yeah, a threshold system for recording could be added easily in pd.

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I’m wondering much the same. Is there a specific time allotment per track? Or what am I dealing with in terms of loop lengths. Marvelous device. Really great audio quality for the price.

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IMO the asynchronous nature of the loops can still work very well with a bit of silence at the start of any given loop.

if i’m trying to use it to sketch something tighter, sometimes i also just record a crude count-off at the start so i can line things up, but that’s obvi best just for non-loop-mode sketching.

since it’s driven by pd, i bet it would be possible to look under the hood of a few of the organelle patches which detect audio to start recording and maybe modify 5moons’ pd accordingly, but that’s speculation on my part since i have yet to try it out!

also wondering if it might be feasible to run some kind of midi pedal into the USB jack to trigger record-start, but once again just speculation at this point, so not super helpful! :woman_shrugging:

Thanks! The count in idea is a good tip. Hopefully a midi pedal will work in the future. That’d definitely solve the problem and doesn’t seem too impossible.

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