Organelle stereo out -> mono in

So I just got my organelle m in the mail today so I’m a super newb ready to learn :slight_smile: .

Haven’t quite connected it to anything yet but I’ve been playing around with it stand alone while reading the manual and I came across this statement about the stereo output. “ Connecting it to a mono balanced input (such as an amplifier or mixer channel) may yield a muted/cancelled signal.” This was exactly how I was going to attempt to connect it to my mixer. Not to mention later in the manual it shows minimal setups with one cable running out of the OG into a mixer and an amp. So I’m a bit confused how to record the organelle into my daw without any muting or cancelation. Do I need a TRS that splits into 2 separate outputs or something? Is it fine to just run out into the mixer/amp?

This would certainly do, splitting the stereo into two mono channels. The other option is to simply use a mono cable. Many of the Organelle synth and sampling patches are mono anyway, so you won’t loose anything by only using one channel.

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