Questions on Effects Processing

So the video mentions that it can process effects. Does this mean that it can only do so for incoming audio, or audio generated from the organelle itself can be effected? Basically I’m asking, can I use pedals with it?

Absolutely! The organelle has a stereo out signal through a 1/4" jack, so bear that in mind (most pedals take a mono signal from the guitar). Some options I can think of would be running the organelle through a mixer and patching the guitar pedal effects in through that, or just using patches that don’t differ between left and right channel output, and then ignoring one of the output channels.

Wow, perfect. Time to make an investment in this

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@Voodin Thanks for checking out the Organelle!
Thanks for your answer @gobblesthe!

Yes! You can use effects pedals with the Organelle. In your signal path, you could have effects pedals before and/or after the Organelle.

The Organelle is similar to most effects pedals in that it has audio output jacks (two monophonic 1/4" jacks) and an audio input jack (one stereo 1/4" jack). It has a jack for a foot switch to control parameters with your foot (though the ‘Aux’ button can be used instead).

Here’s a video of the Organelle’s Granular Freezer effect patch. (With this patch, the Organelle receives an audio input (in this video it’s an electric guitar, but could be any sound source) and constantly converts it into a randomized grain cloud. ‘Freeze’ the grains with the built-in Aux button or with a foot pedal and play on top of the frozen grains.) There’s a lot you could do with effect pedals before and after a patch like this!

There have been some cool user contributed patches already: (lots of different effects in one patch, with specific effects parameters accessible by a ‘paging’ system)

As hinted by @gobblesthe, you could set up a patch to effect one channel of audio differently than the other. Here are some different ways of routing a signal in your patch:


Added another quick hack at Pure Data to get sone nice multi-octave guitar effects. I like it anyway :slight_smile:

this diagram is pretty useful, thanks