Is this possible?

I have a bunch of amazing piano samples sets for Kontakt… some are HUGE, but some could fit on a LARGE USB drive…

I know that velocity can be used with an external midi controller… so in theory could I create a patch at some point that used the organelle to play back a massive sample library? Or would the RAM limitations stop me?

Anyone know?

There are two ways of playing sound in Pd, reading from disk and loading the sound into RAM. The RAM is faster and allows for more manipulation of the playback, but you will be limited to the number you can load at once. Check out the Mellotron patch on this form, in which different sample sets are loaded when the Aux button on the Organelle gets pressed…

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Thanks for the answer! I don’t really know enough to know if real time access of a USB stick is fast enough, but if the mellowtron is any indication then I’d expect it would be! I may just have to try and modify the mellowtron into a piano and see what happens :slight_smile: