Juno-104 : A Juno-106 inspired patch for the Organelle

Ok I fixed the external keyboard polyphony bug. You can find the latest update here:

Make sure to backup your preset files (see top of description on patchstorage)


absolutely great! looking forward to try it out tonight!

In case anyone is wondering what was the bug fix, I initially put the [notein] object to get the notes played from an external device, besides the [r notes] object that transmits Organelle’s notes to the patch. But what I didn’t realize is that the Organelle’s mother patch already sends the notes from external devices as well as it’s own notes, through the [r notes] object. So by having the two objects, when playing a note from the external keyboard, I was sending two times the notes information to the [poly] object which manage polyphony. That’s why it was like having half the polyphony, because for each note played, two voices were taken. By removing the [notein] object, the patch is now working properly.


This patch is fabulous; have REALLY enjoyed playing with it. :heart_eyes:

Thanks, glad you enjoy it!

Just got my Organelle a couple days ago and I can’t put the thing down. This and Donnerbono’s Combonelle are the first additions I’ve made to my patch list. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your incredible work! I put on some headphones and really got lost for an hour or so. Feeling very inspired and it’s all thanks to Critter and Guitari and this great community. Cheers!:beers::notes:

Amen, same here. One day, I hope to contribute. How easy would it be to convert patches intendedfor desktop use to the organelle? There are loads out there. I need to get reading.

Thanks for this patch.

I have already asked on patchstorage.com.

the juno patch is on my organelle in the midi omni mode.

How can i change it, that it only receive midi channel 1?

I know it’s a basic issue. But nevertheless could you help me?

Thanks in advance,



I think you’d need to change that in the Mother Patch and not in a specific patch.

Thanks for your reply!

O.k. but i thought the mother.pd is by default midi channel 1.
Normally the patches are midi channel 1, except the juno and also the mellowtron patch.
Something must be different or i do something wrong!
I would be interested in what?

I’m using as master keyboard the arturia key step.

It’s been a while since I opened Pure Data and played with the Organelle, so I might be mistaken… But I’m pretty sure I didn’t force the Organelle to be in MIDI omni channel from the JUNO-104 patch. I just took what MIDI the Organelle was sending Pure Data and routed that to wherever it should go… (keys to pitch, knobs to what you see on the screen, etc.).

I’m sorry Plesse don’t misunderstand. You did a great job with that patch. I like it very much. That’s the reason why i’d like to get it work.
I’m not really firm with pd., but i think i’ve to take a look at the mother patch maybe …

Thanks again and I hope it’s not your last patch for the organelle

Saw/heard a little of this patch in a Beardo vid. Great job! Never used PD before, about to try and begin to learn some of it in advance of my organelle arriving. Kinda daunting TBH. Inspiring to see patches like these being made tho.

I wasn’t aware you could have multiple parameter pages. For some reason I thought it was limited to just the 4 available knobs. This opens stuff up A LOT :slight_smile: The ability to save presets within a patch like you setup in the Juno patch is nice too :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the wonderful work on this patch! Could you give me a hint as to how I could reappropriate the multiple parameter pages to add extra effects functionality to a different patch?

This gives some info on multiple parameter pages:

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not to revive an older thread.

but i love this patch! thank you for your contributions @rawticks

Hi, After running this patch for about a minute, something happens and each key just trigger a sharp high noise (same for each key). Any thoughts? this hasn’t happened for any other patch I run.

try wiggling the knobs or reloading the patch

Has anyone given this a try on Organelle M yet?

Curious what the heightened specs would do for polyphony.