Just want to say - patches

Ok so I’ve only had my Organelle a few days, I have not created any patches of my own yet, I hope to eventually though.

But in the meantime I want to say massive thanks for all the already existing and excellent user patches as well as the brilliant factory patches, especially the samplers which are superb.

And I just ordered a second Organelle because the creative possibilities of using two together, double the fun!



Great to see you over here @darenager. I have 2 ‘OG’ organelles and recently picked up an Octatrack MKII. Judging by your forum presence we are working in reverse order in the elektron -> c&g landscape :wink:

Using one as a sample source and the other as a send effect w the OT is so much fun. I’m a huge fan of the user and c&g patches here; was quite obsessive a few years ago but have slipped a bit in my use and testing.

Anyway, not much to add I guess but am appreciative of your enthusiasm!


Cheers @healthylives yes great idea using one on OT send, and one as a sample source.

Re the patches, quite amazing what everyone has done, I feel like a kid in a toy shop :slight_smile:

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I had the same combo when I was living the UK, gonna head back soon and grab my OT.

Can you guys expand a little on how you use the organelle as an effects send with the OT outs? Studio mode with the headphone jack? Been a while :slight_smile:

I recognize you from the Elektron forums @darenager, welcome to c&g mate!

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yay, to the OT + Organelle combo… its a lot of fun :slight_smile:

I mainly use OT for layering Organelle stuff, but FX can be fun too… (i like freezer and clouds )

use the cue out for the send, and then come back on c/d
most often i use studio mode, so I can just dial in how much send i want from each track.
but ive also used non-studio mode, and then cue the track(s) i want to send for fx.

main limitation, is your kind of limited to one stereo in/out…

but as always with OT, there are ‘options’ …
you pan the track hard right/left. the compromise here is this is also done on the main out, so I treat this more like an ‘insert’ effect - where the c/d input is actually a dry/wet mix, where the signal has been ‘centred’.
tip: orac supports this… this is why you can pan the input signal,
it also supports, using cue L -> C, cue R->D, with two different effect chains, or various combos


Mostly using cue I just use cue mutes track in personalise menu, connect Organelle or other fx unit to cue outputs, then any time you cue a track it removes it from main out and sends it to the connected fx, like a send.

Of course then you could connect the Organelle to the OT inputs for resampling etc.

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Cheers guys :+1: Can’t wait to get back on it!

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