How to import new patches onto the Kaleidoloop

Hi all,

I picked up my Kaleidoloop last week and have really enjoyed it so far. I wanted to ask if there might be a simple set of instructions available as to how to import new patches posted in places like patchstorage or here, and replace current patches.

I tried replacing one of the stock patches with @internetbreakup’s prototype in/out patch in a lower thread, and I can’t seem to get it to have any playback. I may not be plugging things in correctly in the overall puredata structure of the KL with mother.pd and all that.

Thanks so much for any help!

Instructions on how to swap out playback modes can be found here. Make sure to rename one of the stock modes so that there are no duplicate numbered modes. For example, if you wish to replace the mode in slot 1, rename 1-smooth-vibrato to x-smooth-vibrato. Then rename the new mode to 1-name-of-mode. Hope this helps