Kaleidoloop SD card issue

Have a Kaleidoloop that I love. I have some issues with the SD card that I can’t seem to figure out.
Whenever I record something it sticks on the card as it should. But if I insert the card into a computer for deleting unwanted files, the Kaleidoloop will skip the latest recorded files upon playback (even if the files are verified on the SD card, they play just fine on my computer).
I can seemingly fix the issue by renaming the files so that they read in numerical order but thats a hassle when there’s a pile of them.
I use the original 512 card formatted correctly and the computer runs Linux.

Unfortunately it is not possible to modify (add, delete, rename) the samples on the card from a computer. Doing so will lead to unexpected results. The reason is that the Kaleidoloop writes the memory blocks that make up the file contiguously, and when it reads them it assumes they are contiguous as well, in other words it doesn’t handle fragmented files. In this respect it is really only a partial file system implementation, only good for writing files and reading files that itself wrote, but can’t deal with any modifications made by another computer. so in short, only read files with your computer, but don’t change what is on the card!