Kit Manager

Hey everybody!

I’ve just uploaded a new patch called Kit Manager to PatchStorage.

About Kit Manager

Kit Manager is a utility patch for the Organelle based on @axlwaii’s File Manager that makes it easier to batch copy and paste sample files between different folders / patches.

I’ve always been a big fan of the Organelle-M and all of the patches developed by Critter & Guitari and the community but I’ve always struggled to use them with my own samples since I’ve never found a good workflow for managing the samples inside the different patches (and I’ve never been a fan of having multiple copies of the same patch).

I’ve thought about trying to make a utility patch to help me with that but, because I’m too well versed in PD, I never got around to it.
Things changed after I found out about @axlwaii’s incredible File Manager (available on Patch Storage) since I realized I could use it as a starting point and write the other features I wanted in Python so I got to work.

My idea for Kit Manager is to make it easier to navigate to a folder, copy all samples, go to another folder (like the main folder of one of the different patches) and paste those samples.
The two main features I wanted to add was the option to backup existing samples (so they can be restored later) and rename the copied samples to a couple of different patterns (#.wav and sample_#.wav) so they’d work in different patches.

Please keep in mind that this is still a work-in-progress so it’s possible that you might come across a bug (tho it has been working fine for me).

Huge shout out to @axlwaii for his work in File Manager and for sharing it with a MIT license.

How to Install

Download the .zip file from Patch Storage, place it in your Patches folder (or under a Utilities subfolder), reload Mother, and select the Install Kit

How to Use

– Open Kit Manager
– Navigate to the folder that you want to copy samples from
– Select the “> Copy Samples” option to copy all .wav files
– Navigate to the destination folder
– Select the “> Paste Samples” option to paste all copied samples.
– If Kit Manager finds existing samples inside the destination folder, it’ll ask if you’d like to back them up (to a backup folder inside the destination folder). Please keep in mind that all existing wav files found in the destination folder will be deleted.
– Select if you’d like to rename samples or keep the original filenames.
– Select the “<– Quit" option to return to the main menu

PS: I suggest creating a Kits folder inside your root user folder and sub-folders for each of your different sample kits. If you care about the order of the samples, it might be a good idea to rename them before hand.

I hope this helps other users get the most out of their Organelle’s and all the amazing patches available.
Feel free to leave any comments and suggestions.