Knob velocity scaling

Hello - I am looking to add fine tuning of values to the behaviour of a knob in a patch.

The knob must scroll left to right through through a large (and changeable) number of samples in a folder from first to last when turning with fast movements. Additionally, I would like the knob to behave in a way that with very slight movements it will scroll through values more slowly/more precisely.

Can anyone offer any help or advice?

Hello, I don’t know pure data yet, but the concept I think is storing the last knob value, then on change, substract the new value with the old one, you get the speed (well if you do it on a time base and not on value changes).
but it should work the same on change, you get a delta, you can then adjust a threshold, say if delta > someValue -> increment by 10, if not by 1.

does that help ?

Thank you for trying but none of that makes sense to me!