Launch a patch at startup

Hi folks,

Is there a simple way to launch a patch at startup?
I mean I turn the Organelle on and a specific patch loads automatically?

Not sure to really understanding your question but you have to load the patch of your choice after turning on the Organelle. My advice to you is reading a bit the manual :
Have fun!

Ok, sorry if I was not clear: I am creating a hardware instrument in which I will include the Organelle. It will be a kind of super-casio that will propose a kind of Farfisa organ, some vintage drum machines, some effects like a spring reverb, etc. We will build a special desk to welcome this project.

My question: I would like my patch to be started automatically at startup, without having to go through the menu and therefore the screen. I guess it’s possible by changing the Mother patch or adding a few lines of code under Linux but I’m not competent in this area. This is why I ask if there is a simple procedure to “boot” directly on a patch?

please read a bit what bosco is asking (just an advice) :)… bosco… would be possible for sure, you’ll get an answer here as well, but sorry i’m not into that programming stuff yet.

Thanks Jani, no problem. :slight_smile:

I ask the question because I think it could be useful to everyone. An option in the menu that offers the possibility to select a patch that would load at startup. In situtation of Live or embedded system, it is very useful.

Thanks you for your advice mister.

It makes more sens :slight_smile: I hope you will share your project of hardware instrument !

Sorry i just had nothing to do, then i wrote that… didnt want to bother you :)) you all are great guys!!

no problem !