Start Organelle with default patch

Hi! I am usually doing the same steps all over again when starting my Organelle:

  1. start MEC with mec.json (which sets up mec to provide midi from my Eigenharp)
  2. load a specific Pd synthesizer patch (this allows to play this PD patch from several midi devices and enables a number of aconnect midi forwardings between devices in /sdcard/

Is there an idiomatic way to start things from the menu automatically?
E.g. I could just start “cd PATH_TO_MEC && mec-app mec.json” e.g. from ~/.profile. But then I guess starting mec again from the Organelle menu would probably lead to errors as the menu doesn’t know that mec is already running and would attempt to start a second instance? What wouldn’t happen when starting mec from the menu, there going into the mec menu a second time would first stop the first instance and then start a second one.
Same for starting pd with the desired patch directly from ~/.profile - I guess starting different patches from the Organelle menu wouldn’t work then anymore?

In the end I still want to be able to use the menu - the selected patch and mec running with mec.json should just be the default behavior when switching on the Organelle. Any ideas?