Performance / Run patches simultaneously

Hello , 00291 here :slightly_smiling:

I’ve just unpacked organelle and is really fun.

Im wondering if its possible to run patches simultaneosly. that would be great in order to expand the layers of instruments in a performance.

if that is not possible then my second question is if possible to program the interaction of the screen , to achieve that?

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This is not currently possible, but also not impossible.

The current menu inteface only supports opening a single patch at a time.

However it is possible to have more than one open if you fire up an HDMI monitor and open them manually. You will run into performance issues if you try to open multiple patches, so this is why we keep it one at a time. But all the software is open source so you could modify the menu interface to allow multiple patch loading. That program is here.


Hi @oweno that’s cool, forked.

is there any documentation about how to compile and install it on organelle ?

I’ve tried to read the usb memory on my mac laptop but it’s not recognised, any hints?

best regards

This is not well documented… It can be compiled directly on the Organelle with a single command. Check the file ‘compile’ or just run ‘./compile’. This spits out ‘mother’ which can be copied to ‘/root/mother’. Alternatively, you can create a folder called ‘System’ on the usb drive and put it there, so ‘/usbdrive/System/mother’. On boot up the Organelle checks for this folder before running the default version.

Is the USB drive working on the Organelle? double check which way you are inserting the drive (it is flipped on the Organelle)

Thanks @oweno, I will do that.

I’ve checked the organelle USB drive, and yup it was flipped :smile: